Monthly Archives: August 2018

Terri Baxter – Abortion Relief

Today’s blog is written by Terri Baxter, founder of the H3Helpline for women and girls who have had an abortion or who feel abortion is their only choice.  I pray this blog gives you hope to use your story to become a catalyst of change for others as well. To hear the podcast go to:  […]

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Gender Equality Truth

There is so much talk these days about gender equality and the rights of women in the marketplace.  The uprising of the #metoo awareness against sexual abuse and pay-inequality has called for the wrongs in gender supremacy to be made right.  But while this noble cause has a foundation of good intentions, let’s not let […]

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Foster Care Love & Beyond

Everyone Deserves a Home Listen to this EMwomen podcast, go to:   Most teenagers are blessed with family members at their graduation celebrations, holiday parties with loved ones near by and a support structure of intimate relatives in times of crisis or need.   But what about the thousands of teenage children in the foster […]

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