The Story Behind The Movement

Many people ask me, "Staci, how did you become so bold and willing to stand up against the spiritual forces of darkness that have confused this generation?" Like each of our ladies, I, too, have been blessed with a story of remarkable transformation that has led to my remarkable spiritual renewal, faith and empowerment. 

When I was just a baby, I was diagnosed with a disease called Cystic Fibrosis. Little did my parents know then, the very lungs that caused so much pain would one day bring power to a 5-1/2 octave singing voice that God would use to impact nations. You see, I am not a victim of circumstances, but I am the product of the miraculous POWER of God to rescue, heal and restore a broken life. 

When God healed my body, He gave me the special gift of singing, along with a boisterous voice and a fearless boldness to scrap with the boys during recess. My "Princess Warrior" roots came naturally but they also caused me to garner some enemies along the way. I was extremely competitive in basketball, became a black-belt in karate and won numerous awards and recognition.  But while these "golden opportunities" boosted my ego, they also seemed to put a wedge between me and other girls. The more I achieved, the more isolated I became. I worked harder and harder to be accepted by the "in crowd", thinking that by doing better I would somehow win their approval.

Eventually that hunger for acceptance formed into an approval addiction, where I longed
to fit in and be acknowledged as "good enough".  

By the time I was 18, I had a thriving career, singing for a 21-piece orchestra, running my own fashion consulting firm, performing in Off-Broadway Musicals, and selling hundreds of thousands of water filters to become the youngest National Marketing Director of a billion dollar company.

At this point, you are probably saying, "Oh poor were SUFFERING through success... wah wah wah." And I don't blame you. That's what the women around me said, too. The more success I achieved, the more judgement I endured and the more I had to perform to stay on top. Companies and leaders wanted my skills and talents at any cost. Success caused me to be powerful, yet deeply broken. I was confident, yet aching inside for relationships that loved me for ME, not for what I could do. I was shackled by the addiction to keep producing in business and life, hoping that someday I could fit in like everyone else. By the time I was 21, I had suffered through an abusive divorce, suicidal depression and I was crying out for a savior to rescue me. The voices in my head said, "You will never be good enough. You are worthless.  You will never be accepted. No one will ever love you for you. They only care about you because of what you do for them. You will never fit in." But then one day I heard God say,

"You weren't born to fit were born to STAND OUT!"

Those words brought me so much freedom. I'd like to say that was a magical statement that turned my world around.  But the truth is, it took me over 40 years to realize that my acceptance won't come from man, titles or earthly achievements, but true and lasting peace is only found in intimacy with God through His Spirit. I lived most of my life building corporations worth hundreds of millions of dollars and scaling sales teams into the hundreds of thousands, thinking that the pot at the end of that corporate rainbow would bring fulfillment. I have sung on some of the greatest stages in the world, yet NONE of those things brought me true and lasting peace. It wasn't until I said "YES" to surrendering my time and talents to God that my life started to change. God began to call me OUT of my ivory white tower of success and corporate achievements into a life of servitude and compassion for the needs of others. I began to realize how manipulated I had been to believe that power, possessions and people could fill my longing for peace.  When I finally awakened, I began to see that the talents He had blessed me with weren't so that I could shine but so that HE could shine through me to a generation of women and girls starving for approval and affirmation.  

I spent most of my life looking for the spotlight and now, EMwomen is allowing me to BE the spotlight, shining on others, so their stories can become the catalyst of hope, help and healing to the world around them.

Today, it is my greatest joy to see other women recognize that they don't have to listen to the voices of depression, manipulation, rejection or defeat. Your story may be different from mine, but chances are, you've felt the pain of wanting to be appreciated, and loved for who you are. Perhaps you've been overworked and under-appreciated. Maybe you've been a human DOING and the people who WANT MORE from you don't realize the quiet suffering it causes inside. Perhaps you've had leaders around you manipulate your emotions or even abuse your body. God has a plan for your escape.  YOUR STORY IS POWERFUL BEYOND WORDS and now is the time to allow the scars of your past to become stars that light the way for someone else's future. Your history is God’s gift to you. What you make of it is your gift to humanity.

Every woman has a story….and every story can change the world.

Through our training seminars, webinars, podcasts, blogs, books and publishing programs, we are liberating the voices of women and their life-changing stories so that the truth of God’s purpose for “women” can be revealed.


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