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We have become a generation that is used to having teachers, preachers, or videos spoon-feed us with fancy messages and lessons. But to get into the MEAT of God’s Word, it is very important to know how to study the Bible yourself so the Holy Spirit can speak to you on a personal basis.

Steps to consider when studying your Bible:

1. Choose a Topic

Take time to sit still and let the Holy Spirit lay a topic on your heart. Perhaps you are going through a financial challenge, and you need to study “patience.” Or perhaps you are in need of a NOW miracle, so you choose the topic of “faith.”   (In this video, I chose the topic of FAITH.)

2. Choose a Scripture or Bible story to anchor your study

No matter what topic you choose to study, there will be a number of story options to look at in the Bible. To find out where they are located, simply Google “Scriptures on the topic of __(your topic)___.”  Or you can Google the story itself, like “David and Goliath.”  That will give you options to research. In any case, make sure you SLOW DOWN, pray for God’s Word to come alive in your spirit, and resist rushing through your study time.  (In this video, I chose the scripture Mark 11:22-25.)

3. Discover the Context of the Scripture 

Many people take a single Scripture out of context and try to make it fit THEIR narrative. Instead, let’s choose to fit our lives into God’s narrative by discovering what He was saying in the actual context of the Word. To get the full value of the Promises of God’s Word, we must seek to understand it according to the Spirit in which it was written.

4. Look for Cross-References

Can you think of another story in the Bible that shares a similar message? Is there a scripture that holds the same topic? I like to use Google to search for words or parallel stories. Once I find a cross-reference in the Bible, I go to to look up the scriptures in various translations. I may even go to the original Greek or Hebrew to make sure that the Bible translation I am reading didn’t pull the message out of context.

5. Listen!

Take time to stop and ask the Holy Spirit what He is saying to you today. Is there a word of encouragement or even discipline that He would want you to consider? Listening is one of the most important parts of communication with God and with others.

6. Consider the World’s View or Your Personal View

This is the fun part. Think about what is going on in the world around you, and how does the message you have studied apply today? Is there something that you are going through personally that, if Jesus were standing in front of you, He would say to you in this very moment?

7. Apply it to Your Life!

Our responsibility is not just to study God’s Word, but we must also obey or apply His Word to our lives. This can be the difficult part!!!! It’s easy to READ about Faith. It’s easy to talk about FAITH. It’s another thing to MAINTAIN OR APPLY faith at all times, in all things, during all circumstances, and for all people.

Each day as you study the Word of God, you will begin to see that it is like an epic adventure bidding you to dig deeper and navigate your way into uncharted waters. It is in the DEEP of God’s truth that you will find the mysteries of His universe. It is also where peace resides, hope endures, and LOVE never fails.

Staci Wallace

Staci Wallace is the Founder and President of EMwomen (Empowering Women), a 501-C3 non-profit organization. She is also a keynote speaker, life-coach and bestselling author of five books. She lives in Frisco, TX with her husband, Larry, of 21 years and two powerhouse warrior children. Connect with her at: or through social media @staciwallace.