Our mission is to rescue, redeem, and restore the lives of women and girls who have been impacted by trafficking, abuse, and brokenness.

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There is a crisis in the lives of women today.

Trafficking is a 99 billion-dollar-a-year industry, nearly 20 women per minute experience domestic violence, 90% of adult rape victims are female,  and 1 in 3 girls will be sexually assaulted by the time they reach 18 (Department of Justice).

Clearly, there is a war against the destiny and purpose of women and now is the time to take back what the enemy is trying to steal, kill, and destroy in the lives of women today.  Together, we can make a difference and raise up a new generation of female influencers in the marketplace who know their God and do great exploits with their stories of freedom.


Embrace - Educate - Equip - Empower

EMwomen (Empowering Women) is a Christ-centered 501(c)(3), non-profit organization that exists to rescue and restore women and girls who have suffered through some of life's most difficult challenges. Our powerful E4 Model is a proven process that has helped hundreds of broken and battered women and girls find deep and lasting freedom. Our life-transformational programs, retreats, life-skills classes, financial literacy courses, leadership summits, transitional living, and our FREEDOM re-entry program equips participants to be mobilized in the marketplace as bold and confident women of faith and leaders worth following.


Step one: We EMBRACE each woman and girl right where they are, no matter what they've been through or how broken they may be.


Step two: We EDUCATE each woman with our Christ-centered life skills classes and deep inner healing workshops that lead to lasting freedom.


Step three: We EQUIP each women with interview and communication skills needed to begin a new life of financial independence & confidence.


Step four: We EMPOWER women with financial literacy classes, transitional living, & investment strategies that will support their ongoing success.

EMwomen Help Line:   (800) 348-5217




The generosity of our partners  are paving the way for future generations of women and girls to find true and lasting freedom.


Our volunteers and mentors are truly the lifeblood of EMwomen. Whether big or small, your time makes a difference.


Host an EMwomen Power Party and be the source of hope to women in your community while helping raise awareness for future programs.


Our campaigners have come up with some amazing ways to raise money for EMwomen. Are you ready to put your creativity to work?

EMwomen Stories

"Every Woman Has a Story and Every Story Can Change the World"

Mitzi Rick

When I came to EMwomen I was severely broken, angry, and mentally exhausted. What I thought was a happy marriage ended in deceit, abandonment, and agonizing pain.  Six years passed and I was still emotionally bleeding inside with such bitterness and worthlessness. Forgiveness was not something I had even contemplated because all I could see is how this man had destroyed my life and my future. I reached out to Staci, hoping she could help me find my way back to life. I felt like God was using her to speak directly into my circumstances. Soon, I began to plug into the EMnation Facebook videos and I began to read Staci’s 28 day devotional, Mission Possible. Suddenly, I started to realize that God wasn’t finished with me yet. Then, I read her book, UNLEASHED and realized that I had the same power of the Holy Spirit inside me that raised Jesus from the dead. In 2019, I joined the EMwomen online study "Suddenly Free”, and that is when everything shifted. I completely changed. The heaviness is totally gone and I am a new creation. I am confident and ready to use my life to help other women find freedom too. I am deeply grateful for EMwomen and the amazing ladies that pray for me, speak into me, and who genuinely loving me. I have no doubt that Jesus has set me free and I will never be the same again.

Christina Willis

Prior to meeting Staci and joining EMwomen, I, along with my daughter and two grandkids were homeless for almost a year after running from domestic violence and deep rooted pain from those who had hurt me. Although I attended church, I was lost and felt hopeless. People at church were kind to me,  but I never seemed to find the healing and deliverance my life so desperately needed.  I resolved that I was bound to a life of poverty, addiction, and brokenness. Then, I joined the Mission Possible Life Mastery Class that is now available through EMwomen and my entire world began to change. I was delivered from a major paranormal addiction and deep rooted pain from the years of abuse. I learned how to forgive others and I found freedom once I was filled with the Holy Spirit.  I joined EMwomen so I could use my life and story to help other single moms who have also been abused, broken, rejected, addicted and hopeless.  EMwomen has helped turn my pain into a powerful testimony of hope.  The life-skills I have learned through the EMwomen Connect Groups have enabled me to get a job where I am making more money than i have ever made in my life. I now have an apartment, a car  that is PAID FOR, and a new lease on life. I thank God for EMwomen and how it has totally changed my life.

Christi Morris

I remember the first EMwomen meeting and feeling lost, alone, abandoned, and badly forsaken. I was 200 pounds overweight and struggling with my past and suffering in pain in my present. I had gone to church most of my life but for some reason, no one every took the time to give me the authentic truth of freedom and how to get there. By my second online class in EMwomen, I knew this was going to be a place of healing, hope, and transformation. Staci and the other women were so full of joy, love and compassion. I moved from Tennessee to Texas to become a part of the in-person transformational process and week by week my life began to drastically change. Today, I am no longer broken, abused, ashamed, nor do I feel abandoned. Instead, I am powerful, loved, and confident in what it is God has uniquely called me to do. My past may be ugly, but I have learned to use that story to connect with others who are suffering. My life is now becoming a ripple effect of change in the lives of thousands of others. As a business woman, I am thriving in my greatest season of financial increase and I know that I have been prepared for such a time as this to be a voice of hope to others. I am eternally grateful for EMwomen and will use my life to help it become a source of hope, help, and healing for others.


UNLEASHED and Anointed for Business  - Becoming a force of change in your family, workplace and community.

The story, the mission, the overarching vision of EMwomen is to see God's Spirit UNLEASHED on a new generation of leaders who long to be used as influencers, world changers, and history makers today.

What if you had a super-power that enabled you to break free from chains that bind and unleash a force that creates positive and lasting change in the lives of those around you?  What if you could boldly walk into any room with a confident certainty that outweighs all uncertainty around you? UNLEASHED and Anointed for Business, is a book of freedom, authority, and power, teaching you to become a dynamic force of change in your family, community, and to the world around you. 

100% of the author's net proceeds from the pre-sale are being donated to fund EMwomen Projects around the world.


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EMwomen operates on the generous gifts from friends like you.
As a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization, we rely on the support and aid of ordinary people and companies with a passion to make an extraordinary impact on the lives of women and girls in greatest need. Thank you for helping us make such a tangible and lasting difference in the women and girls we reach.

Publishing,  Job-Placement, Speaker's Training


Publishing,  Job-Placement, Speaker's Training


EMwomen Help Line:   (800) 348-5217