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Everyone Deserves a Home

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Most teenagers are blessed with family members at their graduation celebrations, holiday parties with loved ones near by and a support structure of intimate relatives in times of crisis or need.   But what about the thousands of teenage children in the foster care system who have no families and no support structure as they age out of foster care and embark into adulthood alone.  Every year 27,000 foster children turn 18 and “age out” of Foster Care. Left to do life alone, without a caring adult to walk beside them the statistics are grim and startling.

One Woman CAN Change the World

In today’s podcast we have the privilege of interviewing Pam Parish, powerful business woman and foster care mom turned foster child advocate and world changer.  She is the found of Connections Homes, a non-profit faith-based organization that is dedicated to preventing poverty and homelessness for young adults aging out of foster care. Young adults between the ages of 18-24 are particularly vulnerable to homelessness. At any given time there are more than 55,000 young adults homeless in the United States with 122,000 experiencing at least a period of “transitional” homelessness each year.

Connections Homes matches these young people with loving, caring and nurturing families that bring them in as if they were their own and giving them a support system they can count on for life.  It’s not considered adoption as these young people have aged out of the season for that legal process to take place.  However, it is the epitome of affection which offers these new adults a lifetime of support, love, mentoring and structure they would otherwise live without.

Beyond Foster Care

Family can be the difference maker for young adults who are faced with such loneliness and hopelessness that often leads to homelessness.  Many have been abused by family members and they have no concept of functional love in a family unit.  Connections Homes is changing that and today’s interview with Pam Parish will touch your heart in a profound way.

She is an EMwoman (Empowered Woman) who has used her ordinary desires in life to leave an extraordinary impact on others.  At EMwomen, We believe every woman has a story to tell and if placed in the hands of God, that story can change the world.  Pam’s story is a perfect example of how God uses our past to become a catalyst of change for other people’s future.

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No matter what your story might be, YOUR SCARS CAN BECOME STARS THAT LIGHT THE WAY FOR OTHERS and we are here to help you bring out your GOD COLORS in this world.

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We believe God has called the Church to care for at-risk and lonely children and youth who are today’s orphans. That He places youth in Mentoring Families so they can experience the unconditional love of Jesus Christ. (Psalm 10:14; Psalm 68:6; James 1:27)


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Staci Wallace is the Founder and President of EMwomen (Empowering Women), a 501-C3 non-profit organization. She is also a keynote speaker, life-coach and bestselling author of five books. She lives in Frisco, TX with her husband, Larry, of 21 years and two powerhouse warrior children. Connect with her at: or through social media @staciwallace.