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Legacy Giving

Every GIFT Makes a difference!

No matter how you choose to support EMwomen, every donation makes a difference. We honor your resources by being good stewards of those blessings. Thank you for joining us in a legacy vision of being the hands and feet of Jesus to the women and girls we serve.


SEED PLANTERS are donors of any amount who choose to partner with EMwomen to help rescue and restore the lives of the women and girls we reach, many who are coming out of trauma, abuse, addiction, homelessness, grief and trafficking. Your seed, of any kind will be dedicated toward the many resources and outreach areas that make transformation and healing possible.

HOPE GIVER ($1500+):

As a HOPE GIVER, your gift of $1500 or more will sponsor one of our girls into 10 weeks of accountability, coaching, and freedom through the MISSION POSSIBLE FREEDOM COURSE. She will discover the power of having a relationship with God and learn how to hear his voice and see herself through the filter of God’s love and grace. This is the first step in our 4-phase healing process of EMBRACE, EDUCATE, EQUIP, and EMPOWER.


As a FAITH BUILDER, your funds will go directly toward The EMwomen Hope House - Library of Faith. This library will be a significant source of personal growth and spiritual development for the many women and girls who will pass through the Cinderella Hope House.  Donors of $5,000 or more will also have the option to have your name or family name featured on a plaque inside the library.



As a DREAM SHAPER, you are helping us provide Educational Scholarships and Certified Coaching to help our girls learn the valuable life and business skills needed to reintegrate into the marketplace. Upon graduation, each woman or girl will be fully empowered to use their life story to bring hope, help, and healing to others while being highly valued entrepreneurs in the marketplace.

WORLD CHANGER ($25,000+):

As a WORLD CHANGER you are helping us put a roof over the heads of the women and girls God has sent our way through our transitional homes and the Cinderella Hope House. This immense dedication speaks volumes to the girls that come, as they learn that there are people, companies, and organizations that care about their success and who are praying for their freedom.  


As a MOUNTAIN MOVER, your donation will help us build the Cinderella House of Hope, a group home and training center that gives women and girls the opportunity to experience faith, love and restoration. As a MOUNTAIN MOVER, you and your team will be invited to a special VIP weekend of life and business transformation with Staci and Larry Wallace to see firsthand the deep work that takes place in our programs. 

LEGACY BUILDER ($100,000+)

When a company or family chooses to become LEGACY BUILDERS they are intentionally dedicating their lives and resources to strategic philanthropy and Kingdom expansion. This means leveraging the power of their resources to bring results-based transformation and healing the many lives impacted through EMwomen, EMnation, and our partnering organizations. EMwomen encourage strategic stewardship as a vital part of our ongoing efforts to raise up and equip world changers and history makers through the many Christ-centered programs we offer.  As a LEGACY BUILDER, you will meet with co-founders, Larry & Staci Wallace to discuss strategic ways your generosity can do the most good and create the most lasting impact.


It is our joy to partner with companies, family trusts, and individuals in the work of rescuing, redeeming and restoring the lives of those God sends through one of our many EMwomen Programs. Whether your company is able to give a financial or in-kind donation, we are deeply grateful for the many ways our corporate sponsors help keep EMwomen thriving. To discuss co-branding opportunities, please contact us directly.