Why Women Do Well At Investing

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Today’s blog comes to us from guest contributor and financial commentator, Sean Hyman.
Over the past 20 years, I’ve dealt with literally hundreds of thousands of people, concerning their investing.  If someone were to ask me what is the avatar or profile of the typical investor…it would  be a male that’s roughly 40-75 years of age.


When women choose to invest, they can have a huge advantage. Why?

As we know, men and women are different. The way we are made up mentally and psychologically differs too.

Men can often be loners/independent investors while female investors tend to seek counsel more, on average. I think it’s because men can easily let their ego lead the way, whereas women don’t fall prey to that as easily.


Women tend to be more efficient at multi-tasking while men tend to zero in on one thing at a time. This mental juggling that women can do helps them take into account many different variables of an investment more easily (whether we’re talking about fundamental metrics or technicals, etc.). This gives them an edge that they don’t typically realize.


As we all know, men have far more testosterone than ladies and it tends to make us more naturally aggressive. That also shows up in our investing. Men can take unnecessary risks, be prone to speculate and gamble with their money.  Women, on the other hand, tend to be more conservative investors and this often works out in their favor throughout long periods of time.

It’s not that, by default, women are great investors or that men are not. We all know many successful male investors. But there are some natural advantages that women have as investors due to the way their naturally wired. This can become a great advantage.


NOW…there is, of course, one big disadvantage that the ladies have to fight off. I bet you can guess it: Emotions!

Women are often more emotional as it relates to their investment strategies.  Men, on the other hand, tend to be a little more  analytical.

I’ve dealt with many female investors through the years, and it’s been my observation that they make great investors and often surprise themselves after the initial leap of faith.

Because women can take into account many variables at once, invest conservatively and seek counsel, they tend to do very well over time.


So if you’re a lady that’s reading this and you’ve always felt intimidated by the topic of investing… I believe you’ve got a great shot at being a successful investor!

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