About Us

EMwomen is a non-profit organization and community of social entrepreneurs, moms, doctors, top income earners, direct sellers, executives, teachers, marketers and social mavericks with a passion to empower others to work hard, give BIG and leave a legacy that makes life better for many!

Together with top business leaders, 7-figure income earners, Super-moms and keynote speakers, our focus is to unite our efforts in bringing a storehouse of generosity to causes that affect women around the world.  By equipping our members to maximize their business skills, we are setting a new standard for women in business development .  Our #1 core value is to use our time, talent and treasure to advance the Kingdom of God through a lifestyle of extravagant generosity and leadership worth following.  In doing so, we become a blessing to our families, friends and communities. 

We believe that women are the caretakers, nurturers and incubators of future generations.  We also recognize that women are about to control the wealth of nations and with that power will come greater responsibilities, more need for balance, and a much higher level of peace in the midst of life's storms.  Through our many podcasts, training tools, and events, EMwomen seeks to educate, equip and empower women to be ALL they can be while maintaining their treasured roles as effective moms, wives and friends.